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Our multidisciplinary health clinic offers modern and traditional therapy options, tailored to your specific health and wellness needs. We facilitate a relaxed, friendly, trusting and accessible environment.

Our specialized team of therapists is dedicated to providing the best quality care, education, and products in a timely and cost effective manner.

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Leading a Balanced, Healthy Lifestyle

Sometimes life gives you a pain in the neck. It could be your job forcing you to stay late, taking care of a neighbour’s dog for a week or a mechanical problem arising with your car. But when live gives you a literal pain in the neck or other health problems, you should check out Balance Therapeutic Solutions for massage therapy, reflexology and other services that can alleviate your pains.

Need a relaxing environment that promises to offer you remedies, which include modern and traditional therapy options? Need options that are tailored to your body? Need to see a therapist that offers a relaxed, friendly & trusting environment in the Guelph area? Why not give Balance Therapeutic Solutions a chance to balance your health concerns.

Speaking of therapeutic options, both modern and traditional, the therapists within the clinic offer many services, including: naturopathic medicine, acupuncture, osteopathic manual therapy, reflexology, Reiki and more. Don’t know what these methods are? Don’t sweat it, unless you’re in their infrared sauna, because the wonderful staff can ensure you not only get the best treatment but also the correct treatment you need.

Sometimes the daily tasks and chores or life can wear even the strongest of people down. That’s why it’s called the daily grind; the process can grind you out. Sports injuries can occur, stress buildups, car accidents or even deep tissue trauma to everyone. You can be smart about it and take care of the most important thing in your life, your health.

With a relaxed body you too can have a relaxed mind, so that you can continue your life in a balanced and healthy way, day in and day out. Call 519-515-0673 and can get new balance (not the shoes) on your health today.

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